Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birds of a feather...

... flock together.
I have had this bird tutorial on my desktop what feels like ages waiting patiently to be tried and the final outcome to be enjoyed.

I got the pattern from these crafty people. The pattern is well drafted and easy to make.

The original idea was a bird mobile and now I am sorry my children didn't have such a cool thing when they were babies. However I plan to amend that. First I am going to use the birds as ornaments and put them on the Christmas tree, and when summer comes I am going to make a mobile and hang it on the balcony. What a sight that would be! And during the transitional period... well I know I'll think of something.
You surely didn't think I could stop myself and make only a pair?! The more, the merrier! (Thank God it was too late otherwise I would've come up with a flock!)

I used vintage scarves for my feathered friends.

It was a real pleasure watching my children play with them.

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Jodi Wade said...

I like your fabric choices.

I printed out that pattern months ago after seeing someone on BurdaStyle post pics of their birds. I really should dig it out! Thanks for posting your pics and reminding me of it.