Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Magic of Christmas Cards

The month of December is very exciting for us all. Especially the children. The most joyous event for my children is decorating the Christmas tree and the buying of Christmas decorations and Christmas cards. The latter are the reason for this post.

I remember myself as a child burning with excitement when opening the mailbox and finding loads of beautiful and colourful Christmas cards inside. The joy and the magic of the moment as well as the sincere and genuine wishes for good health, love and prosperity they conveyed had made me fall desperately in love with the essence of sending and receiving these cards.

Understandably, I started collecting them. I have a pretty large collection as you may assume.

I also tried to continue this tradition with my children and they've taken the bait. When Christmas time is over, we take out the box with all the cards and before filling it with the new ones we go through them all, one by one, admiring the pictures, reading them, enjoying the good vibes.

What magic shall they bring this year?


Tuppence said...

Ages ago I worked in a museum. My favorite part of working there was pulling out the box full of Christmas cards for our annual display, and being whisked away to another time, another place. Cards are truly magical. Each one is filled with sweet wishes, warmth, friendship, and love.

I hope your box gets fuller and fuller and not only your child, but many generations to come, can feel that Christmas card magic when they open your box!

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh how I wish I was there in the museum for the display! Must have been a wonderful experience!

Thank you for the lovely wishes! I sincerely hope that box to bring lots of wonderful memories for my children (and their children...) as it brings for me year after year.

Jodi Wade said...

That is such a nice tradition!