Monday, December 21, 2009

Shamrock skirt

If you remember this dress then you know that when I got my scissors near it a large piece of fabric was left.
I played with it a little, pin it in various ways and the most favourable solution was this one with the two overlapping 'pleats'. Then I made two darts behind because it was still big and I added a zipper.

Since I haven't had any of the fabric left I couldn't finish it at the waist, so I used a black cotton fabric to make a belt which I sewed on the skirt and it ties at the back. I am quite satisfied with it and I feel I am going to wear it many times.
I also used the flower(pin) which I plan to make a necklace with, but used it as a brooch for the photo shoot.

My darling daughter took all the pictures and she did a great job! While we are here, my mother commented that I look like a Grumpy on my photos and that I could use a smile here and there. Of course I replied that my intentions are not be the blogsville's clown and that I am a "serious" woman (psst - don't take this for granted). However I am not Grumpy today - am I?
Are you happy now mom?


Eunhwa said...

hello and thanks for visting my blog.! it's amazing how you brought out a dress and a skirt from that 'vintage' dress. i would have kept the dress for its color alone but wouldn't have know what to do with it! have a good day...

Tuppence said...

Love that color. Good call on the flower accessory- really pulls the whole outfit together!

Karin said...

It's really pretty! I too really like the colour.
Hah, I've noticed the same thing as your mother, but about me, I usually smile a lot, but almost never when I photograph my sewing-creations... weird