Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cupcake dress

This is the second dress of the dress trilogy. I named it a Cupcake dress inspired by the lovely bibbed front which thanks to its appearance and the combination of colours and fabric reminded me of a delicious cupcake.

The dress is made of the softest woolen fabric. For the bib I used a contrasting piece of fabric left over from
this cotton beauty framed with ruffles of the same woolen fabric and adorned with a rose as a detail. I left the ruffles free to fray.

To complete the image of a cupcake I made a detachable pleated belt.
When I finished the dress I realzied that all the dresses I made this fall/winter are short-sleeved. But in retrospect I can't imagine the Bronte with long sleeves, as well as I can't this one. To be honest I wanted to make 3/4 sleeves for this one but that idea got lost o
n the way.

I had enough of this fabric to make Eva a pair of trousers which are also completely sewn but have to be photographed yet, and I guess that'll be a topic for another post.

Update: After posting it on Burdastyle it hit the front page again! Yay!


Tuppence said...

The belt is my favorite part. I never thought of using ruffles in that way- what a great idea. I just may have to borrow it for myself (just file it away in my huge list of things I hope to do someday.....)

Jodi Wade said...

such an adorable dress! i like the belt too

Krist - punkin seed productions said...

Love that dress!