Monday, March 9, 2020

7 Crochet Flower Stitches to Try


I am always drawn to crochet flower stitches, which alongside with granny squares are the best one can use especially when making a (baby) blanket. 

Following are stitches I have pinned on my pinterest board here, most of them by mypicot. Let me say here that I am in no way affiliated with it, nor with any of the other sites I am sharing here.



And now Tulips, ladies and gents! It seems people on the internet are crazy about them :)

Tulip 2 She used this pattern.


Below is the same pattern but it goes with schematics. 


Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Tulips 2 and 3 done, but wow! The other patterns are absolutely breathtaking (and have crossed my mind before, but... alas... a day hasn't but 24 hours...)

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Thanks for sharing all of this flower inspiration in crocheting. I love how colorful they all look and yay for spring coming soon. I was knitting a scarf recently and ripped it out three times because I didn't like how it was coming out and switched to crocheting!

Kate said...

These are so awesome!!!