Friday, November 8, 2019

Vintage Bib Necklace - free pattern

I retired another pattern. I still do have the necklace and I am quite attached to it and wear it dearly. Still cannot believe I made it five years ago!! It feels as if I made it yesterday :)

Working with ecru has always been special to me maybe because it reminds me of my grandma - she made all her lace tablecloths with ecru. And it does give a piece a vintage feel. 

So, without further ado, here's the pattern:

Skill level: easy
Yarn and hook: For this project I used ecru crochet thread, size 30 (20 tex).
For the trim I used cotton yarn and 1.7/1.9 mm (B1-E4) hook. You can by all means also use light and medium crochet yarn. If you do, please consult the label of your yarn/thread regarding yarn sizes and hooks because the labels always give information about recommended hook sizes to use with particular yarn. For the mustard trim I used DK yarn.
If you need more information regarding yarn sizes, this could be very helpful ( as well as this one for the WPI: (
Used yarn: less than 20 grams (for flowers, necklace and leaves)
Used terms: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl st), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), the “V” stitch.
Other materials: jump rings and metal chain 

Vintage Bib Necklace

Foundation and row 1: Ch18. Dc1 in 4th st from hook, then sk1 st and dc1 in the next. Next, ch2 and dc1 in the same st. We’ve just made a “V” stitch.  From here we are going to repeat  the same pattern for the whole row, which is: *skip 1, in the next stitch make 1 dc, chain2 and 1dc (both in the same stitch). Repeat from * to *. When you make the last double crochet set (“v”), skip 1 and end it with a single dc. Ch3 and turn work.


Row 2: (work turned with a 3-ch made which counts as the 1st dc) In the 2-chain space between the 2dc from the row below, dc2, chain 2 and dc3. In the next such space crochet *dc3, chain 2, dc3*. Repeat this pattern for all ch-spaces to the end. For the final set, remember to dc 3, chain 2, dc2 and make a 3-chain or to end the row.

Row 3: Ch4 and turn work. In the 2-ch space from the previous row make 6 dc. Repeat this for all the ch-spaces of this row. To end it chain 4 and join with the chain of the row below. 


The border pattern uses the last ecru row.
Row 1: sc1 all through the row.
Row 2: Ch3  and repeat the pattern from row 1 of the body (*skip 1, in the next stitch make 1 dc, chain2 and 1dc – all in the same stitch).


Row 3: Ch4 and make 6 dc in the 2-chain space. Repeat this pattern for all the ch-spaces across. In the last set, dc5 and ch 3 and then sl st in the ch below to end the row. Cut long tail, tie a knot and weave it through. 



Foundation: Chain 5 and join with 1st chain to make ring.
Round 1: sc 5 in ring
Round 2: *chain 4 and (in the same chain space), tr 2, chain 3 and make a sl st*.
Make another sl st into the next chain (space) and repeat the pattern from*to*. Make 5 petals.

Sew the flower onto the bib.
Add jump rings at the sides and attach a metal chain.
If you don’t like adding metal to it, crochet the ties. And that is it! Have fun with your new necklace!

For a downloadable copy of the pattern, go to my ravelry.  

Happy weekend!




Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Very pretty necklace and I love the yarn colors.

Kim said...

Your necklace is very pretty, Maya. Why, I believe you would have a different, gorgeous creation to wear every day of the year. =) How I would love to rummage among your crochet pretties.

Michelle said...

How beautiufl!! I love the colors!!

Alhana said...

I still have lots of ecru mercerised cotton used to make tablecloths, bed covers and doilies. No wonder you still have this necklace and cherise it, it is lovely and looks great with yellow and blue.

Divya N said...

This is a very pretty pattern and I am sure that many who bought it (and made pieces) would be proud of wearing them

Anonymous said...

Very unusual! Pinning!

April J Harris said...

What a beautiful necklace - I love vintage crafts! Thank you for sharing with the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Maya!