Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Most Popular Posts of November


The past month has been immensely fruitful for the blog in sense of traffic and the rankings have changed rapidly and quite surprisingly. 

So if you are a new reader / follower, I have the most popular posts on the right-hand bar, but you have to scroll a bit down to see it. Maybe I should put it a little wee up?
A firm popularity and a mind-blowing first position for the past two months goes to the Frida Kahlo Brooch, my all time favourite!

My bohemian scarf, though quite new - posted just a week ago, pushed its way up :)

Then there are the African Violets Bracelet and the Flower Bookmarks, as well as the Vintage Bib Necklace fiercely featured by All Free Crochet. Thank you guys!!

My newest autumnal collection also hit the list and I must also include the Festive Bracelet post that is almost a year old, but I believe it will be a frequently searched post for the upcoming holidays because it makes for a fantastic Christmas gift. 

I did not include several of the most popular for one reason or the other, but as I said earlier, you can find them on my side bar. 

Now a question if you managed to read this far. Do you track your traffic for the most popular posts and how do you surge / boost it? 

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