Thursday, January 28, 2021

Vintage Crochet Heart Bunting - free pattern

My readers know that St.Valentine is a special day in our household, because Eva was born on the day, and this year we'll be celebrating her 20th birthday!
I always have little something and special made for her on the day, this year being no exception :)
I am planning to arrange a little scene where I am going to place her cake and presents and hang the bunting along with other decorations. She has no idea this is for her, and though she is going to see it on social media, I am sure it'll contribute to the overall decorating effect and be a lovely "surprise". 

Pattern requirements:

*sport yarn of your choice and color (I used 2 colors of Phil Cotton 3) a 3.00 mm hook (UK11) (US 10/3) less than 20 grams per color (for 5 hearts)

* doubled ecru crochet thread #10 and a 1.9 mm hook (UK14) (US B1) 
* tapestry needle for weaving ends

Stitches: chain (ch), chain space (ch-sp), slip stitch (sl st), skip (sk), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), 3 (4-)ch picot. American terminology used.

Heart size with ecru border: 9.3 cm across and 8 cm down (at the widest and longest point) 

Heart Pattern:

Foundation and row 1: ch4 and dc2 in the very 1st ch. Ch3 and turn work.

Row 2: dc2 in 1st st, sk1, ch1 and dc3 in the last st (2 fans in this row). Ch3 and turn work. 
Row 3: dc2 in 1st st, ch1 and dc2 in the ch-sp below (between the two fans below), ch1 and dc3 in the last st. (3 fans in this row). Ch3 and turn work. 
Row 4: dc2 in 1st st, ch1 and dc2 in the ch-sp below (between the two fans below), ch1 and dc2 in the second ch-sp below, ch1 and dc3 in the last st (4 fans in this row). Ch3 and turn work. 
Row 5: repeat increasing fan pattern as in row 4, (with three 2dc fans in the middle and 3dcs at the sides or a total of 5 fans in this row). Ch4 and turn work.  
Row 6: dc2 in the 1st ch-sp, next, ch3 and sc1 in between the two dcs of the third fan of the row below, ch3 and dc2 in the last ch-sp. Then ch4 and sc1 in the last st.  Ch5 and turn work.  
Row 7: dc3 in between the fan of the row below, ch4 and sl st in the center of the heart (the place where you made the single crochet in the row below), ch4 and dc3 in between the next fan of the row below. Ch5 and sl st in the chain below. The heart is done.  

Ecru lace edging pattern:

Before we proceed further, I would like to point your attention to the look of the edging.  

To make the edging I used a doubled #10 crochet thread. With the number of chains I employed for it, the lace edging comes a little behind the heart, especially in the upper part. If you want to avoid this look, then consider adding more chains than instructed (like 10 or 11). If you decide to use sport yarn for the edging as well, you might have to decrease the number of stitches in the chain. Test to make sure you are OK with the final result.
Round 1: Insert thread at the bottom of the heart, ch8 and sc1 in the 1st st of row 2. Next, ch8 and sc1 in the 4th row. Ch8 and sc1 in the upper right (curving) chain. Ch8, skip the (upper right) fan and sc1 in the chain that comes after it. Ch3 and sl st in the center of the heart. Ch3 and sc1 in the next chain. Ch8 and sc1 in the next chain. From here, repeat the chaining pattern we did for the other side. 

When you come to the bottom, sl st the chain into the very bottom.

Round 2: sl st again into the 1st ch, ch1 and dc3 inside that chain, next ch1 and sl st into the same chain. Sl st into the next chain, ch1, dc2, ch3 and make a picot, next dc2, ch1 and sl st into the same chain. Repeat this pattern 2 times more. With this, you have filled the upper right curved part of the heart. Next, sl st into the next chain, ch4 and make a picot, sl st in the very center of heart, sl st into the next chain, sl st into the next chain and repeat the filling pattern for the other side of the heart 3 times. Sl st in the last ch-space, ch1, dc3, ch1, sl st in the same ch. Sl st in the bottom, ch4, make a picot and sl st it in the very first chain.  Work the tails.

For the bunting tie, ch10 and sl st into 1st st to make a loop (so that it’ll be easier to hang it). Next, ch10 and sl st into the 5th st of that 10-chain. This will create a nice, plump picot. For my bunting I made 4 such picots before I attached the first heart. After the 4th picot, ch5 and place the heart with the back to your crochet work, and sl st through the center picot of the heart. Ch10 and sl st into the 5th st of that 10-chain.  Make a total of 3 picots (length) before you attach the next heart. Repeat this chaining and attaching pattern until you have all your hearts strung. In my bunting there are 5 hearts. I ended the bunting making 4 picots after I attached the last heart, then I chained 10 and made a loop as I did at the beginning. When crocheting the flowers onto the tie, check that all the hearts are facing out and do not turn inward. And with this, your bunting is done!

I hope you enjoy working on this project! Let me know if you make it!
P.S. The downloadable pattern accompanied by step-by-step pictures can be purchased here

The downloadable / printable copy of this pattern is available at etsy and ravelry


Kim said...

Oh how pretty are your little Valentine's hearts. They are perfect for bunting skipping merrily along, joining other sweet decorations. A double celebration in your lovely place, Maya. How fabulous.

Joanne said...

That is so pretty!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Really pretty and will make a lovely display to celebrate your Valentine girl. Take care.

Kate said...

Your hearts are beautiful!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

You made such pretty hearts and just perfect for decorating the house and for your daughters bday.

Maya Kuzman said...

Indeed, Kim! It gets immensely feastive here on the day:)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Joanne!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you, Tammy. If you'd believe she is so excited about it, although too early, and one can just admire the spirit, the anticipation and the effort this girl puts in to not only make her birthday perfect and memorable, but ours as well. She is my precious gem :)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Kate!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Julie! I hope I don't fail making a perfect little surprise this year.

Sum of their Stories said...

Gorgeous, you;re lovely hearts will be a feature at Handmade Monday this coming week :-)

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you so much Julie!! Cannot wait for the party! Hugs!

My thrift store addiction said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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İt’s so pretty :)

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Hello, this is one of my favorites for Encouraging Hearts and Home, this week! I hope you stop by and say hello, this post has been pinned! Thank you for being a part of Encouraging Hearts and Home, we appreciate all that you share. Have a great week ahead!

Maya Kuzman said...

It'd be a pleasure, Melynda! Thank you so much! I highly appreciate it!

Oombawka Design said...

Hi Maya, Thank you for sharing your beautiful vintage heart bunting with us! Your crochet heart bunting is being featured tomorrow at Wednesday Link Party 384. Here's the link to your feature in case you'd like to share it: Wishing you a wonderful week! All the best, Rhondda

Isabel para ALROMASAR said...

I come to visit you from Linky Ladies Party #203 where I also participate.
I like your artwork.
Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from Spain

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

This is such a dainty and sweet bunting Maya.
Thank you for sharing it at Create, Bake, Grow and Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring your heart bunting at tomorrow nights party and pinning too.

Tamar SB said...

Those are so pretty!
Glad you linked up!

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you so much Rhondda! I appreciate the exposure immensely! Already visited and pinned your lovely party!

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Maya Kuzman said...

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Jenn The Everyday Farmhouse said...

This is so so sweet! I may try this next year for Valentine's Day! Thank you for sharing with us at EH&F!

Naush said...

Such a lovely heart garland ! Love the intricate details and colors.
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