Monday, November 9, 2020

Lena Hoschek - my favourite fashion designer

This is NOT a sponsored post.
The first time I got introduced to the work of Lena Hoschek, an Austrian fashion designer, it was a love at first sight. She got me with her dreamy, vintage inspired feminine designs, and enchanting fabrics and ribbons. 
The child that sewed clothes for her dolls instead of playing with them, Lena Hoschek is the born dressmaker! She learnt the basics of sewing, knitting and crocheting from her grandmother Aloisia, who was from the Mölltal valley in Carinthia in the eastern Alps. Her parents taught her the value and quality of true craftsmanship. Today, she is sharing these values through her fashion and is a true representative of the nostalgic return to traditional craftsmanship. 


Each collection begins with a visit to the international fabric fairs, where Lena personally seeks out the most stunning fabrics, the most distinctive buttons and the most unusual braids and ribbons.

"I decide the theme of each collection based on gut feeling, inspiration and my personal Zeitgeist. I can find inspiration anytime and anywhere - on my travels, outside among nature, while reading ancient literature or strolling around flea markets. Throughout the creative process, I collect my ideas on mood boards that gradually grow larger and larger. These mood boards are particularly important for me, as they help me to filter my inspiration and organise my ideas." - Lena Hoschek

More about her designs and slow fashion here.


Kim said...

All are beautiful, but I must say the first dress is gorgeous with all those prints. One would twirl around and around and around if one was wearing this amazing dress.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

They are all pretty dresses!

Michelle Churchman said...

These dresses are just lovely! Thanks for linking up with me!


handmade by amalia said...

I think the second outfit is my favorite but all are beautiful.