Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crochet treasuring bag

I have been hiding this jewel for long. I have kept it selfishly just for my eyes only. It hangs in my studio and treasures the little crochet flowers, leaves and buttons I make.
It came into my house as a surprise present for my birthday - and a very emotional one it was. The minute I opened the package and upon seeing what was inside I exclaimed: "My grandma's clothespin bag!"
But,no. It wasn't from my grandma, because she is long gone. It was from my dear blog friend KJ.

One day she had a post about installing a clothesline and sewing a clothespin bag for it.
When I saw it I immediately thought of my late grandma because she used to have such bags in wonderful flowery fabrics. I made a comment about it and KJ remembered it. And she sent it to me to treasure it forever. I was touched by her thoughtfulness!
Whenever I look at it, warm childhood memories come rushing down...summer afternoons in the back yard and I, the proud carrier of the clothespin bag, helping my grandma hang the washed sheets and clothes...

This is the bag that started it all. Isn't this the most adorable bag you've seen?
KJ you are an angel! Thank you to heavens and beyond for bringing to live old memories! I will never forget this gesture and I am eternally obliged!
And as you can see I couldn't bring myself to use it as a clothespin bag. I feared it might get ruined soon by them so I found it a far more exciting and tender use. To caress my crochets.


Unknown said...

That KJ! What a sweet one she is to send you a clothespin bag! I like how you've decided to use it. It will last a lot longer this way. Good for you Maya!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Aww you are too sweet Maya! the pink crochet yarn looks so beautiful tucked inside. I am glad it reminds you of your Gran. Have a lovely weekend!

Unknown said...

How absolutely lovely Maya, see how important childhood memories are. Such a precious gift. Hugs, Ira

Vanessa said...

Hi, Maya

I have not seen one of these in years. They are so pretty.