Wednesday, August 22, 2018

DIY Boho Dreamcatcher


Welcome to a crafty Wednesday!
I have hinted several times here on the blog that I was making girly home décor and while working on this particular dream catcher, I decided to document the process and show you guys how I made it.

If you like this, well what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon and let's have some fun!
What you need:
* An embroidery hoop (size as per your liking; mine is small - 20 cm in diameter);
* A palette of colorful yarn. I chose 4 colors for this.
* Pom-poms
* A crochet rose (pattern given below)
* A plastic flower (optional) and plastic leaves / vines.
Not shown but used: sewing thread, felt patches and hot glue / silicone.


Make the tassels first. The length of the cardboard dictates the length of the tassels. Mine is 15 cm long. I wound the yarn 15 times around it since I was working with sport yarn and I wanted my tassels a bit thick. Cut at the bottom and cut another longish thread that you will need to tie the tassel with. Minding that both sides are equal, pass one side of it over the hoop, hold it all together tightly and tie it. Make a nice knot to secure it well.
Add the others in your chosen color combo. The longish threads are actually the ones I used for tying. When done with them, line them and cut the ends that peek out.

Making the mesh
Tie the yarn around the hoop and make a tight knot. Take it over to a point on the next side and yarn that over a couple of time while pulling tightly so that the mesh is tense. Work on the pattern of your mesh while securing it every time you pass it on, on the other side. When I was done with the mesh I brought the thread to the place I started it and tied a knot there, but I also planned that spot to be the one where I'd put the flower arrangement so that the knot would be covered. Plan accordingly.

Tie the leaves together and then tie them onto the hoop.
Sew the pom poms together and then glue a patch on the bottom.
Glue that patch over the leaves and on the hoop. Glue another patch over that to hide the work.

To the same for the flower arrangement on the other side.
You can use plastic, fabric or crochet flowers. I combined a crochet rose with a textile flower for the other side.

Here's the pattern for the rose:
Sport yarn, 3.00 mm hook

Ch 50. Turn work and hdc in every stitch across.
Ch3, make a picot, sk 1, sc in the next. Repeat this to the end.

Leave long tails which you will use to sew the rose together. Take one end and roll the trim you have made into a circle to get a flower like this.
And with this, you are done! I hope you like it!


Divya N said...

Thanks for sharing such a lovely yet easy to make dreamcatcher. Its elegant and different from the usual dreamcatchers that we see

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Divya!

Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Great inspiration! Maybe that's why my own dreamcatcher seem to be lacking... Thank you for the hints!

Alhana said...

Since it involves little crochet to none, if you have a few spare flowers ready, this could be a great crafting activity to do with kids. Thank you so much for sharing!

Maya Kuzman said...

That's right Alhana. They don't even have to be crochet flowers although they enrich the appearance (and texture) of the hoop.

Kim said...

Your dream catcher is filled with pretty dreams, Maya. Lots of lovely texture and eye pleasing pretties to be seen here. A fabulous tutorial, thank you.

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

I love this adorable dream catcher, Maya! I love the colors and the way your crochet flowers are arranged! I don't crochet or have enough yarn, but when I saw this, I am inspired to try it using ribbons! I think that would look lovely, too! Stop by Sweet Inspiration this Friday and see your beautiful creation featured!

Maya Kuzman said...

Love your idea of using ribbon Gail. I have another one with lace and it is gorgeous too! Thank you for the sweet comment and of course - a huge Thank you foe the feature. Cannot wait!