Thursday, May 6, 2021

Granny Squares for Apparels

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I have repeatedly confessed here about my never ending love with granny squares.  How could one not love them when they bring immense satisfaction when making your home a warm and welcoming nest?

In a post I shared a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Afghans in TV Shows - most of them being granny squares. However, the granny squares, although being very popular for blankets and afghans, have transcended their original use and spread far and wide into other lifestyle realms with an adorable twist. 

 Image by Rowan (Designer Lisa Richardson)

My inspiration for this post is an ongoing granny project - a cardigan or a bolero (still cannot make up my mind about its future status). I've become increasingly interested in using grannies to make clothes - in fact I made a top a couple of years ago, but now I am into making more elaborate garments. The sad truth is that they require a lot of time to be made, a luxury I cannot brag I have enough of. 

But my old soul flutters upon seen granny dresses and cardies. Especially, well constructed and designed as these here in my post. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Image by Free People
 Image by Ibizabohogirl


Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I love granny squares Maya and those sweaters are a lot of work but gorgeous!

Maya Kuzman said...

Come to think that you'll need more than a hundred for a cardi or a sweater can really put it off, right. But I've seen sweters with 6-8 enormous grannies. I'd like to try that one day :)

Blog de la Licorne. said...

Totally in love with the last one 💐

Blog de la Licorne *

Maya Kuzman said...

It's quite eye-catching, isn't it?

cristina said...

I like the one from Free People best.

Sum of their Stories said...

I recently finished my 2nd ever crochet garment, I normally knit clothes, a granny square jumper. It was the crochet revival pattern from HG Design Crochet. I had to adapt it a little as my tension was all off but the finished garment is very wearable so that's a win. I've been sharing it all over my IG with much pride! I do love a granny square :-)

Kim said...

I am seriously in love with all!

R's Rue said...

I love them all.

Unknown said...

Jadooore super beau
Est ce que l'on peut avoir les modèles pour les faire

Paula said...

Patterns available for them I wonder.