Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"Recycled Jeans" by Magda

We spoke to one of  the Little Treasures's designer - Magdalena Tanevska who participated the latest BAFE event that took place 2 weeks ago in Belgrade.
In retrospect, how do you feel about BAFE?
It was fantastic being able to present my new collection "Recycled Jeans" in front of the public in Belgrade. It was a new and quite overwhelming experience for me. A kind of experience that leaves a great imprint and impact on designers and serves as a motivating drive for future engagements.


How many pieces are there in the collection and how long did it take you to complete it?
My collection is composed of 10 pieces - mostly dresses and skirts - some accompanied with tops, then there are jackets and overcoats.
What piece of the collection took the most of your time to be made and which one posed a challenge?
 It was a challenge to work on each piece because I employed the patchwork technique to make the fabric. Although the making process might seem short, it took me a long time to collect the denim. We are talking recycled denim here from already used pairs of jeans. First I took the jeans apart and used the pieces to create new fabric from which afterwards I tailored all the pieces of my collection. If I have to pinpoint a challenging one  - that would definitely be the overcoat because it took me a tremendous amount of time to make it. 



What accessories did you include with your collection and what inspired you to make them?
I used traditional male hats from the Balkan region. My inspiration was feminism and freedom and I wanted to emphasize the power women should be assigned with in our society. 

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Balkan Art Fashion Event’s (BAFE) purpose is to introduce new generation of young creators from Serbia and the neighboring region to the wider public. BAFE is dedicated to help the development of those creators that do not perceive fashion and clothing as just one of the branches of the industry, but as a kind of an artistic performance that takes place both on the catwalk and out on the streets.


handmade by amalia said...

Very unique and interesting styles.

Maya Kuzman said...

I like it too. Especally the coat :)