Friday, August 4, 2017

Eva's Crochet Shells Bikini

Crocheted Bikini

This is a bikini I crocheted for my daughter. We call it a shell bikini, because the top looks like shells, doesn't it?

Last year I started crocheting a bikini in terracotta and sherbet and half way through I realized I won't have yarn to finish it. It throw me out of my tracks, because I neither had those colors in my stash nor could I find them at my supplier. You can imagine how pissed I was. I was mad as hell because that was not the first time for me to start a project without calculating the amount of yarn I'd need.
So this year, I learnt my lesson (the hard way) and choose these two colors, because I have like a ton of them (ha!). Years ago I wanted to make a baby blanket with these two purples, but changed my mind and that is why I have a large supply of this yarn.
For the bikini I didn't use any pattern. For the bottoms I used Eva's panties and improvised with the top. It looks good on it except she's so skinny, she'll need a while to fill the chest a bit.
And with this, I am officially done with bikinis. At least until next summer :)

Crocheted Bikini

Crocheted Bikini


Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Truth be told: I do now know about a crochet bikini. Guess it's all right as long as one doesn't go for a swim... It probabaly looks great on Eva (skinny or not), but I certainly wouldn't wear one (nor any other bikinis).
I perfectly understand why you didn't get along with that blanket. I do like purples and lilac is one of my favourite colours, but I'd be lacking any shade bright and happy...
Have a lovely weekend,

Maya Kuzman said...

There was a continuation to the post where I give my opinion on crochet bikinis, but deleted it. Didn't want to sound like an old nagging lady. Crochet bikinis are for showing off only. Once that cotton gets wet, it turns it into bikini from hell; the bottomsvwill start falling down because of the great amount of water (cotton is highly absorbent) while the top will get an unnantural look. So the best is to stay out of the water. All other non-wet activities on the beach are perfect :)

Divya N said...

I am curious to know how the panties stand up on the waist (esp in when you move). Did you use bobbin elastic on the waistband? The draw string alone might not be enough right esp if it gets wet? You can also use the cupping/ease setting technique to the bra so that it holds on to the breast better. It is usually used in bustiers and strapless dresses

Maya Kuzman said...

There is elastic in the edging and we couldn't find a cup that fitted well, so we left it cupless. She doesn't plan on swimming with it.

Mia said...

I love this beautiful shell bikini, Maya!!! It is perfect (if not for swimming) for the beach!!! Kisses, my friend.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Mia!

Kim said...

No pattern really?? Wow, you are very clever, Maya! This bikini is so funky.

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you Kim. It's no big deal. Everyone can do this with a nice pair of panties.