Friday, August 25, 2017

Free Oya Crochet Flower Pattern

Before I wave you goodbye for the weekend - and we are having a prolonged one due to a national holiday - I made a free tutorial /pattern for a cheat oya flower.
I say cheat, because I didn't use the traditional technique to make an oya flower by using a sewing needle; instead I used a regular crochet hook and DMC embroidery thread.
Now again, the crochet hook isn't as small as it should be for the thread. It is a 1.7 mm hook, but it worked well for me and I like the size of the flowers I got with it. I  used 3 complementary colors of thread.
Let's make it.
This flower is not worked in rounds, but in rows.

Ch 6 and join to make a ring. Sc 8 in ring.
Row 1: Sc2 in 6 st. Leave 2 st as are. (12)
Cut thread and work it.
Row 2
Insert new color. Sc1 in the 1st st, sc2 in all other st, except the last one where you sc1 again. (22)
Do not cut thread.
Row 3
Insert new color. Sc1 in Ch 4 and turn work. Sc in 5th st from hook. Ch 4 and sc in 4th st. Repeat this pattern 2 times more, next ch4 and sc in the 5th st. You will get 5 chains.

Row 4
Insert new color. Ch 3 (counts as the 1st dc)and dc 4 in chain. In the next chain hdc1 and then dc4. Repeat this pattern for all the chains.
And the flower is done!

You can use this as applique to decorate whatever suits your whimsy, use it as a pin, in necklaces, etc.

I made a lariat with these :)


Mia said...

Beautiful, Maya. Easy and great crochet flower pattern. I love it as a necklace. Kisses, my friend.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely. It's like a little half doily. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your long weekend. :)

myrica said...

Its sweet necklace .Thanks for sharing.
Have a nice weekend

Divya N said...

The flowers are very sweet and dainty. They remind me of cherry Blossoms if not for the colour

Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Lovely flowers and lovely colours! Not so lovely hook (I'm absolutely no good with any hook smaller than a N°2 - well, no-one is perfect, right?). Thank you for the pattern, dear Maya. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend!