Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Gifted Crochet Treasures Series - an oval runner/doily

I forgot all about the gifted crochet treasures series, although I have them stored in a cupboard in my shop, at the reach of the hand. But, a customer showed me a video on IG, where a lady used a thrifted tablecloth and just by adding satin ribbons, she transformed it into a blouse. And... I cannot take that image out of my head. It lives rent free in my head :)
So I took the bigger tablecloths and runners out to see if any would be good transforming - but the thing is that they are all so beautiful, I feel guilty ruining them. On the other hand, I try to justify the action by repeating to myself that this way they would be used and not just stored, aging away. 
I decided on this small doily/runner with an intricately made circles. This one would be a lovely top if I lined it and either add satin ribbons (much faster), or crochet the ties (much slower). I have to try and remove the yellowing spots at certain points, and we'll  see how everything works out.  
I'll show you how it turned out as soon as I get to it. 

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