Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The medina cafe

This is it! Our sanctuary after a tiring but pleasant by all means stroll around the city. The Medina Cafe! A quiet and colourful piece of heaven.To us it seemed as if the cafe was taken out of one of the stories of Scheherazade.

Stone bedding covered with rugs and decorative pillows.

Cacti decorations along the walls

A special cascade part for those who would like to lie down and enjoy their coffee or tea (no alcohol was served here).

The tea that marked our trip! 

Here we are for the lovely mint tea we first discovered here. It is a mint tea in which they add mint syrup and a mint leaf for decoration. I can't describe how beautiful it is. Since home there is no such syrup to be found we bought two bottles of it in order to enable our friends and family a taste of Tunisia.

Enjoying the afternoon!

The day we took the pictures was some kind of a holiday and the whole city was tranquil and quiet. So was the cafe with the exception of a couple of tourists. This was a great chance for me to take pictures of it.

I hope we will have the chance to return here one day...

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