Sunday, May 3, 2015

Vevchani (Springs)

Thanks to the celebration of the Labour Day, which in my country is a national holiday, we are able to enjoy a prolonged weekend. When being in Ohrid, often, we like to take a short trip to the village of Vevchani which is located in the southwestern range at the foot of the Jablanica mountain range. It is situated at 800 – 950 metres above sea level. There you can find the most famous springs in the country. Settled in the bosom of the wonderful nature, they are joy for the eyes and the soul.


The architecture of the stone houses is amazing and will have you captured at first sight.
One of the most interesting shops in the village is the antiquity shop called "Samovila", which means "A Fairy" and quite appropriate name for it if you ask me, because when you enter it, you find yourself in a world other than the one you know it.
Behind this house there is a quite charming, ethnic restaurant that serves excellent food called "Domakinska Kuka".

It is also a unique ethnical "museum", with lots of old things exhibited in special corners of the restaurant.
If you ever pass through this side of the world, don't miss to visit it!

Friday, May 1, 2015

How to Read Crochet Charts- Cathedral Window Square

Hello, hello!
I have a wonderful cathedral window pattern read out for you today. It's for a scarf but it could also be turned into a blanket. I made several slight changes that do not alter the looks of the square.
So, with no further ado and with yarn of your choice and adequate hook:
Chain 6, join to make ring
Sc 8 in ring

Round 1:
Ch 3, make 3 dc in the next st, ch3 and sc in next st. Repeat this until you make full circle. You will get 4 petals.

Round 2:
Make 2 sl st on the beginning chain (to get closer to the top of the petal) and then make a sc.
 "Ch 3, dc3tog, ch3, sc on the ch of the other side,

ch2 and sc 1 in the chain of the other petal".

Repeat from " to " for all the petals.

Round 3:
Insert new color in the ch of the 1st rnd and make a dc, then "ch 4 and sc at the top of the petal.
 ch 4 and dc in the ch of the 1st row again.

 Next, ch2, make a dc in the ch of the 1st row" and repeat the pattern from " to ". 
When you come to the end, after you ch the last 2, sl st it in the 1st dc of the rnd.
Round 4:
"sc 2 in ch, sc 2 more on the other ch
then, in the 2 ch of the previous rnd, dc4, ch3, dc4"

Repeat the pattern from " to ".


 It's fairly easy and the ultimate result is gorgeous.
Enjoy making this!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

15 Crochet Dresses - free patterns and charts

I have a soft spot for crocheted dresses. Whenever I see one that fits my taste, I just have to stop right then and there and admire it. 

One thing about crocheted dresses is that you have to have the body to wear it, so yes it requires a slim figure otherwise it does not look flattering on a person.

Made in silk or cotton thread, they are the perfect choice for formal and casual occasions throughout the seasons, especially spring and summer. 

The roundup I have compiled contains 15 free crochet patterns and /or charts so I hope you enjoy browsing and eventually making some!

Dress 1
Dress 2
Dress 3

Dress 4
Dress 5
Dress 6

Dress 7
Dress 8
Dress 9
Dress 10

 Dress 11
 Dress 12
Dress 13

Dress 14
Dress 15

There is no pattern for this dress, but I loved it so much, especially the sleeve detail, I decided to include it here.


And if you don't crochet, you can make yourself a dress out of doilies. Above is Jillian's amazing doily wedding dress she made herself.  I am sure everybody in blogland know the story, but if you missed it here's the link.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

♥Head over heels with my newest cuff ♥

Hi guys! Hope you are having a splendid Sunday (afternoon)! I certainly am :)

This post is about my newest cuff which I must tell you I am deeply enamored with. In my note/sketchbook I use to jot down ideas and write patterns, crammed between embroidery and needle stitching notes, I found the pattern for this cuff.
I don't know why I haven't used this pattern again when it is so attractive and easy to make. I only used it that time, back in 2011  - I can't believe it was so long ago. However, I gave it another try with some slight variations, and I plan to make some more of these lovelies. Can't wait!