Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vintage finds - Burda magazines

Browsing the antique stalls, stuffed in a cardboard box I found Burda magazines from the 1970s.
I would have been happier with even older magazines.

With a nice cup of coffee I spent a lovely afternoon leafing through them and pinpointing dresses I might actually try and make. My most favourite the lovely grey dress above and this pink two piece I first thought was a dress. I like the collar and the pleated part with the buttons.

Here are some boards I made for inspiration.

Burda magazine / August 1975
Burda magazine / February 1977

Burda magazine / May 1977

Children's clothes in the 1970s.The thing that struck me as curious is that the patterns were for one or two sizes only (mostly), which is not the case today. So if I like to make a dress from these (not offering my size) I will have to do the grading myself. Kind of tricky, I'd say. But I guess that was the case then, although I am still having a difficult time to get it into my head and stop wandering what they were thinking!


T's Daily Treasures said...

My mom used to sew clothes for me but I never learned to sew. Now I wish I had! I'm amazed when anyone can take fabric and turn it into anything ... clothes, quilts, bags ... it is a wonderful skill to have. Hope your day is great. Best wishes, Tammy

Ira said...

Wonderful find! Reminds me of the stashes of magazines my aunt used to have lying around (and heaps of fabric, too, for that matter ;-) She never used the patterns though, she just used the mags for inspiration and then started cutting patterns by hand. She even made the most gorgeous clothes out of Spanish table cloths, can you imagine! But you're so talented too Maya, I'm sure that you'll be able to work something out with the patterns!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I love these images. In addition to the grey and the pink outfits, that yellow number from 1977 is so cute!
Thanks for sharing. What a treasure (says the girl from the

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

How fun are these?!? They remind me of patterns my mom still has kicking around her house.

Anonymous said...

Agghh...deja vu all over again! :-)

But seriously, I had to smile at your comment about the 'one pattern one size' thing...thing is, I think we all alter a pattern a bit b/c NO one is a perfect '10' (or whatever.) And it was easier with those old patterns b/c they were a heavier paper than todays...more like a good quality tissue paper than kleenex (sorry, personal soapbox.)
About the time they started coming out with multiple sizing, they were also using the thinner paper and also jacking up the price for patterns. I'd literally trace the whole pattern (if it was a style I thought I was going to like and make multiple pieces of) onto a sturdier substrate like lightweight interfacing or whatever so I'd get more than one use out of it. And that way, too, I could use it to make something for someone else from the same pattern.
I think that was about the time I quit doing a lot of sewing for myself: my kids were little and I just didn't have the time to retrace every pattern for me like I did for them (much smaller patterns and they weren't picky about having 4 of the same style pants or top or whatever!)
So it's been a mixed bag, I guess.
BTW, I still make my (87 yoa) Dad nightshirts from a McCall's pattern, copyright 1952. It's been used dozens of times over the years and is still going strong.
Thanks for the memories :-)...Treena

Diana Joy said...

I used to subscribe to that magazine...thanks for the memory...

Nothy Lane said...

It does sound like there will be a bit of work to your Burda find. Burda originally had a bad reputation here in NA because of things like that. Still, the pics you've posted make the extra work worth it. Congratulations on your find.

Nothy Lane said...

Burda used to have a really bad rep because of things like limited sizing. Still, the pics you've posted make the extra work worth it. Imagine some of those dresses in more modern colours!