Monday, October 31, 2011

Welcome to the witching corner!

Don't be afraid! Today is All Hallows Eve and we're going to have so much fun! There will be ghosts hovering over your heads and zombies lurking in dim-lit corners. Witches on broomsticks, with cats and bats, ride 'round after dark in their pointed hats. How spooky are the noises on Hallowe'en night, and then through the window we see a strange light. Bright staring eyes and a glowing nose, I sit close to Daddy and curl up my toes. It's old Jack-o'lantern, he peeks in the room, a worse looking spook than a witch on a broom.

My children love Halloween. This year we made some new decorations. Some paper witches, pumpkins and ghosts. They loved the witches the most, and they were quite easy to make.

Happy Halloween!!!


Ira said...

Happy Halloween Maya, your decorations look lovely! I love that series of bats on your wall!! And the text, too, great font!!

Carol said...

Happy Halloween!! I love your decorations, especially the BATS!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Cute decorations. I didn't do much this year. Always think I have plenty of time to plan and then time just gets away from me and it's too late. :/ Have a great week. Tammy

Michele Pacey said...

Your little witch and pumpkins are so great. Handmade decorations are the best and the funnest, aren't they? Happy Halloween to you all, Maya!