Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Byzantine purple for the hands

It seems that I cannot escape from romantic, lace crochets and cuffs for that matter, hence here's another crocheted bracelet. It is a perfect match with my Syracuse dress I am so proud of and love it fiercely since the first day I made it.

The bracelet comes in two colors: byzantine purple and orange and features a lovely lace-like flower.

More here


harmony and rosie said...

Stunning. I just love that rich colour and it fabulous with the dress. Wow.

Vanessa said...

Hi, Maya

These are gorgeous! I love the orange color. Just lovely!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Your dress is stunning and the cuff works so well. You have such great unique style. Sometimes I see something and I say to myself "Little Treasures" would love that :)

SJ Scott said...

I like the burgundy color the best..it really works with the dress.

Ira Huberts said...

Goodness Maya, such an elegant piece again, you always make the most remarkable creations, truly fashionable! I'd wear it anytime!

Michele Pacey said...

Is there a link to the dress that I missed? I'd love to see the whole thing so I can swoon over it... What do you say?

Little Treasures said...

Here it is Michele:

Sara Art Studio said...

Hi Maya,

It's a pleasure to have one of your creations listed in My Wish List!!!! I find now your blog...how much cute stuff!!!

Happy Crafting,