Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An anniversary, a cruise and a plea

Hello everyone! Today is our 12th Anniversary! 
This one although not being a jubilee we decided to treat ourselves and the kids with a Mediterranean cruise. We already made arrangements and it will all happen in November. 

Whenever we travel abroad, I scour the Internet for must-see places, museums, monuments and other important sites/sights. This will be no exception. However, I would love if you suggest places for us to visit since we are time limited plus with children so we have to wisely select where to go and what to see.

We will visit Rome, Genoa, Messina (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), Tunis (Tunisia), Valleta (Malta).  Any suggestion you have would be highly appreciated. Thank you!


Wendy said...

Barcelona - do NOT let your bag out of your hand. Keep it held in front of you at ALL times. I'm not being alarmist, hundreds of people are mugged in Barcelona every day. You MUST go and see the Gaudi houses, you can buy a map. You can go in La Pedrera and I would advise it. Also Park Guell is pretty amazing. There are tapas bars everywhere, Tapa Tapa is particularly good and there are a few in the city. Las Ramblas is good for the Children, though be very careful with your bag there too.

Tunis. Hmmm. I can't say I like Tunis at all! Maybe stick to the beach?

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you so much Wendy! I will certainly have to make a very detailed schedule. As for Tunis - we were there in 2009 and I know it as my pocket. It has some fabulous yarn and fabric shops I am dying to see again.

Divya said...

Wishing you a fabulous anniversary and I hope and wish that you'll have a great time on your trip..Do post a what to see/buy post when you get back :D

harmony and rosie said...

Happy Anniversary! We were in Rome in July and it was boiling hot so the children hated it. November should be a perfect time to be there I imagine. We took them to St Pauls and before children we've visited the Sistine Chapel which is amazing. There are fantastic gelaterias .. your kids will adore those! Apparently there are some fantastic fabric shops in the Jewish quarter, Paganini is quite a famous one but sadly I didn't get the chance :(

Papgena Made It said...

Happy anniversary!!!
We did a cruise in our honeymoon and it was perfect! you'll love it too!
Frome all of those places the only in comon are Barcelona and Rome.
In Barcelona we did a city tour by bus and we went to visit 'La Sagrada Familia' http://www.sagradafamilia.cat/ but it was closed at the time; we only saw the outside and it's spetacular.
In Rome we also did a city tour by bus and visit the vatican, http://www.vatican.va/ that's a must! You'll love all the art and beauty that's gather in one place but Sistine Chapel...oh WOW!!!

Unknown said...

Oh how wonderful Maya! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! You couldn't find a better way than to celebrate this with your husband and children. This will be so very precious! You'll be visiting lots of places and no doubt you will see all the major tourist attractions, you might also want to visit Poble Espanyol (Pueblo Español), a city in itself (within Barcelona). Kids will love this, too! Have fun!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Happy anniversary! How exciting for you! I have wanted to go on that particular cruise itinerary ( I love cruises) . I have been to Rome on many occasions as well as Genoa, but never with children. I think you will have a wonderful time, whatever sites you take in, that is my travel philosophy:)! I have not been to the other ports of call , and can't wait for a full report. What a wonderful opportunity for your family.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Maya!!! May you live in peace and harmony for that many years again and again many times over! Unfortunately, I have no suggestions, but when I was working for a travel agency I used to be in love with views on Malta and I am sure you'll find lots of beautiful inspiration! I wish you a safe trip and I hope you all have fun!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on 12 successful years, and on choosing to celebrate with a cruise! These occasions should be celebrated in my opinion, so good for you!

Also I must tell you that you are so beautiful in this picture!

Tammy said...

Happy anniversary. Our 18th will be on the 20th of this month. Haven't been to any of those cities but no doubt you will have a wonderful trip. Best wishes, Tammy

Marieta said...

Congratulations dear friend
Yesterday was my 19th wedding anniversary.
Hope you enjoy many of your cruise, I hope you enjoy it, cities are incredible, I know them all, you'll be amazed, La Valletta, is a beautiful place

Way Out Wear said...

Congratulations ! A dozen years! How very nice!

Sorry, I haven't been to that part of the world, so I can't recommend anything. Hoping you'll have a wonderful time!

Cucicucicoo said...

congratulations! will you be in actual messina and for how long? i've passed through there and there really wasn't much of interest, but if you are there for much time, there are some very interesting places nearby. taormina, for example, is a favorite, is gorgeous and has famous greek amphitheater. my favorite places near messina are the aeolian islands, but you'd need more than one day for those. or an excursion to the mount etna, which is the highest active volcano in europe.

genoa i've also visited, but can't remember much. they have a famous acquarium, so that might be good with kids. just be sure, whatever you do there, to eat some pasta con pesto!

rome, yes, the vatican and going up st. peter's dome is nice, but kids usually really get into the coloseum and roman forum (and adults, too). and just walking around that area. my nephews liked throwing a coin in the trevi fountain, too. hot chocolate (cioccolata calda) is very yummy in italy, so i suggest getting it and sitting at a table out on the sidewalk of a nice "bar" and enjoying it. just be careful of the hawkers. they're everywhere in rome, especially in touristy places, like piazza navona, in front of the pantheon, the whole coloseun area and are sneaky. they often hand you something and say it's a gift but then harass you until you pay them. so just don't accept anything from anyone. and also be very careful of your bags. no backpacks (unless worn on your front). best to use a messenger-style bag, or at least one that crosses in front of you, and keep your arm down over it all the time. no wallets in pockets, either! i lived 11 years in and around naples, which is notorious for theives and pickpockets, but the only time i've ever gotten had was in rome because i let my guard down!

have fun!! :) lisa

Vanessa said...


Happy Anniversary! My anniversary is exactly one year and 1 month from yours. I pray you have a great time with your family.