Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So, while browsing my daily blog roll I couldn't skip Katy's (of No Big Dill) interesting idea to capture the day in pictures, and decided to snap several photos to mark the date! I didn't manage to make 12 photos though I believe the ones I took are enough to remember the day.

 At 2:12 I was finishing an order.

At 4:12 I was helping Jacob with Maths.

I had my afternoon coffee checking my blog, shop and pinterest page.

A little after 6 we practiced reading. His favourite Pixie book. 

We made some chocolate pudding and after dinner we are going to watch the Rise of the Planet of the Apes with a bowl of popcorn.

What about you! What did you do today?


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I saw that challenge and thought it was so fun, but I was tied up at the office and not allowed to photograph things:) I love seeing what you did today. I don't look forward to my daughters bringing home higher math homework, I am not confident in my skills. Happy 12.12.12!!

Unknown said...

I noticed it was 12 12 12 today, but never thought to do something special for the day. What a good and simple idea to take photos to commemorate it, Maya! Our days are similar actually, which is kinda nice too. :)

Vanessa said...

Hi, Maya

I love it, what a lovely day. Your chocolate pudding looks yummy! : )


Maya Kuzman said...

Haha... I should always photograph Jacobs homework. After I put the Math pic on the blog I noticed that one answer is wrong :)
The little monkey got away with a mistake!

Unknown said...

What a fun post Maya! Yes, come to think of it, it was a special day, wasn't it? We just worked as usual, but our nephew bought a house on 12.12.2012 and put down his signature on 12 minutes past 12 ;-)