Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring brooches

Hello friends,
How was your weekend?
Ours started a bit on the fabulous side, out by the lake (of Ohrid) and it was so springlike nice and warm I knew it couldn't be true and that it might be a short -lived joy  which it proved it was because the winter slashed its tail at us in the form of piercing cold rain and weather on Sunday.

That didn't ruin our mood and we managed to get the most of it.
I finished some skinny headbands {they are squealing gorgeous, take my word for it} but due to the above-mentioned reasons no pictures could be taken. At least I have my crocheted flowers to bring me spring :)

The Halloweenish brooch was made for a colleague of mine that is in love with the color combination and I also made one for the shop, while the brooches down are the same as the baby (anemone) headbands I had earlier only much bigger. I used the same colors because I can't get enough of them.

Until next time!


Divya N said...

These are so delightful

Nana said...

beautifulll :)

Ira Huberts said...

Your brooches are wonderful Maya, please tell your friend to come to our country on April 30th for that´s the date when our King will be installed, and of course orange is THE colour!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Beautiful work, I love the texture and colour! Your spring conditions sound superb and I am envious! (We are sadly due for a late winter storm, sigh...:(

Aunt B said...

Cute idea! Thank you for sharing it. I'll be sharing the link on my FB page later this week.

Michele Pacey said...

The orange brooch is brilliant!

So glad you didn't let the weather dampen your spirits! It seems so unpredictable lately so why should we let it, eh?

Ana Lopes said...

Beautiful!!! Gorgeous color!
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft