Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Granny square blind date

Hello everyone!
We had a lovely Easter spent with family and I would like to thank everyone who remembered and sent their best wishes!
I appreciate it!

Since Good Friday and the Second Day of Easter are non-working days in my country, we had 4 nice and long days to celebrate, relax and make memories. 

In the quiet and lazy afternoons I mingled with my yarn and made anklets and headbands and flowers. I even had a blind date with a granny square. The thing is that I like to collect granny square schematics. I have a ton of granny square books and mags, still I want to rummage through the internet and search for "new" ones. Googling, I found the one above. I never click the link to see the result in yarn and always work on the color composition I imagined for that particular granny. I have lots of grannies made this way and maybe one day I'll join them into a blankie - it'll surely be a motley scene. 

The search for a granny square results from an impulse of mine to make a blanket as a gift for a newborn baby and although I am highly inclined to use the African flower pattern for it, I still cannot shake off the grannies as an attractive choice for a blanket. 

For the granny in the pictures, I followed the pattern until the 4th round where I made two chains instead of a dc for the corners. Did the same for the 5th round.

Visit my granny board here for more inspiration.

Enjoy your week!


Michele Pacey said...

I'd love to get a glimpse at the motley assortment of grannies you have! I'm sure they'd make a spectacular one-of-a-kind blanket!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I saw this on your fb page this morning and laughed at the caption! I am so glad you had a peaceful and relaxing Easter celebration! Love granny squares!

Crystal- http://www.sewcreativeblog.com said...

So pretty! What kind of yarn do you use for your granny squares? New crocheter here... I learned specifically so I could make granny squares. Off to peek at and follow your granny square board. :)

Ira Huberts said...

I just love granny squares, and yours has a fabulous colour combination Maya. Always wanted to try and make these, too, but I simply cannot read these patterns, daft me... Oh well, might as well enjoy yours, LOL!

Marilyn Clark said...

What a great granny pattern.pinned it! :D

Leslie Lambert said...

What a great idea...thanks for sharing! This would be perfect to link-up to my new series - "Create It Thursday." It's live now! http://www.lambertslately.com/2013/05/create-it-thursday-1.html

Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above said...

Great granny square. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop. We can't wait to see what you have for us this week. The party starts at 8:00PM tonight.
Debi and Charly

ILduska said...

Kad se penzionišem doći ću da me nučiš da pravim ove prelepe Granny square. Izvini ne pišem komentare na engleskom - imam tremu od tebe :)

Little Treasures said...

Хахаха - срцка! Слободно коментирај си на кој јазик сакаш, а за хеклање нема проблем. Во секое време :)

Norma S said...

I saw these granny square, i think it was on Favecraft, i am not for sure it was made in to a necklace very cute really love it.
Norma S.