Thursday, December 12, 2013

On gifts giving and gifts receiving

 The rings shown here on the tubes are great stocking fillers and perfect for gifts to girls of all ages especially adult ones with youngish spirit :) 

Good thing to have something checked off on the "Gift list". Sometimes I find this period quite stressful especially when behind with the gift making and buying. 

Earlier today I was interviewed by the "press" students for the school newspaper and one of the questions was what I want the most to be given for Christmas, to which I replied "Books". One of them  (who by the way admires the crocheted pieces I wear at school) looked me in amazement and said: "And no hooks or needles?" Well, no, thank you. I have them coming out of my ears already. 

The other was where I would love to go to celebrate New Year's Eve (implying somewhere abroad and most probably exotic) .  I wouldn't / will not go anywhere. For fourteen years now, we have been celebrating it at home with either friends and / or family and I wouldn't change that for anything.  
What about you? What's the thing you want to receive as a gift and how do you celebrate the New Year's Eve? 


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

That is so sweet that you were interviewed! I completely agree with you , I wouldn't want to be anywhere else to ring in the New Year!

Unknown said...

Oh yes, books indeed! I'm an ardent reader myself and when it comes to books I somehow find myself with glue on my hands, lol! I, too, wouldn't want to be anywhere but at home, with family and/or friends! Your necklace looks supercool Maya!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Unknown said...

Same here Maya, sharing special times with family is priority and better than any night out! Love the necklace, as usual fantastic inspiration, thanks! I'd like a set of soft handle hooks, fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

We would say the only things we really want is time and family and health. As we get older we realize the importance of these things over all else.
Love the necklace by the way. We both admire homemade wonders and this is perfect.
As for New Year's Eve, we are sister living in different cities but I (Denise) guarantee that we will likely be home with hubby and maybe a kid or two.
All the best ~ Sharon and Denise