Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Children's headbands


Last weekend I spent the night cutting out organza and singeing it to form into petals and flowers and that is not a very enjoyable process; yet what kept me going through the ordeal were the images of the flowers I already had pictured in my head. 

I made headbands for both adults (teenagers) and younger children. 

Pity I couldn't take a photo with a baby wearing these lovelies - so here you can see still life photos, although Eva lent a hand with the other set.

Well... until the next batch... Be well!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

You are accomplishing so much, and the styling and photography of these items and the lovely notions for the shop are beautiful. I am very happy for you!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Maya, you made such beautiful flowers with the pretty beads! You amaze me how you are always making something and always pretty and beautiful. You are really talented. Take care and happy crafting!

homemade@myplace said...

very very pretty!!!!!! ;oD
xxxxxxx Ale

Unknown said...

Don't you just LOVE making your own flowers out of organza? Yours turned out beautifully Maya, so delicate!
Ira’s Crea Corner

Shabby chic Sandy said...

So pretty--I recently made a headband for my little Grand-niece--now to get her to keep it on! Your flowers are really pretty!

Linda said...

Hi Maya, these still photo's of your work are truly divine. I think these organza flowers are beautiful and I am amazed how you managed to transform the fabric into something so pretty. I am guessing it is necessary to 'singe' the fabric to prevent the edges fraying, it sounds like a time consuming task and not to mention delicate operation. But hey look at the result, perfection!

Diana said...

So beautiful! Would love to know the process for producing the lovely flowers. Am visiting via Pretty Wednesday Link Party, and am glad I did :) Blessings, Diana