Thursday, September 25, 2014

Granny squared blankets

In my heart, there is a soft spot for granny squares. Whenever I see an incredible granny, my heart skips a beat. It undeniably did so upon seeing Magda's amazing blanket that can be found in the Simply Crochet's issue 23. 


I also adore Kandi's idea of covering the crochet blanket with a quilted piece.

 These are Renate's pillows, but imagine these in a blanket. Gorgeous!

 Sharron shared a tutorial for these lovelies on her blog. Check it out!

These two squares are on the top of my list. I hope to make blankets with these one day. The one above comes with a tutorial courtesy of Monica.

There is also a tute for this one courtesy of Patricia

If you were wondering about me, well I've been labouring over a granny owl blanket I sincerely hope to finish soon.


Ingrid K. said...

Hello Maya! Good luck with your own blanket!!! And thanks for sharing these lovely images, I love a good granny square or a dozen!!!
Happy crocheting!
Ingrid xx

homemade@myplace said...

beautiful grannies!!!!
…. but now i'm so curious to see yours!!!!! ;oD
xxxxxxx ale

Miss said...

Another great project to do..
I love blanket and it is big piece to work.
I have to finish mine before to begin one as on pics you showed..
Love that post.

Unknown said...

Oh, you most certainly have found some great inspiration in these projects Maya! No doubt you will come up with something special yourself! I used to have a granny blanket when I was about 5, always loved it, no wonder where it went, such a shame...
Ira’s Crea Corner

Linda said...

Hello Maya, I love the Granny Square too, it is so useful in so many projects. I have never done a granny square blanket as yet but I hope to undertake the task at some point. I am just too busy with other projects at the moment. I so need to get myself organised I think haha!
Your Owl Granny blanket sounds intriguing, I am looking forward to your reveal on that one. Today I am going to work on my knitting project (Katniss Cowl) and maybe have an acrylic painting session if there's time.