Wednesday, November 8, 2017

DIY Bead & Ribbon Romantic Necklace

With the holidays peeking on the horizon this insanely easy DIY is certainly going to be handy if you want to whip up presents for your dearest or treat yourself with a beautiful necklace.
Roll up your sleeves and gather these supplies:
This photo does not show the exact number of things you will need, because you are going to make a custom necklace, but I will give the numbers for the... let's call this - tutorial necklace.
For the tutorial necklace I used:
* 37 (9mm) beads
* 74 filigree bead caps
* 4 (10mm) rings
* 1 (3 mm) ring
* 1 big filigree cap
* 37 eye pins (I didn't have such so used ordinary head pins instead)
* 1 lobster clasp
* 1 ribbon end crimp
* velvet ribbon (23 cm in length)
(nose pliers + cutter)
Making the beads / beading it up
Take the cutter and cut the head pin take the nose pliers and make an eye (a)- if you have eye pins, skip this step. Insert the cap (b), the bead (c), the other cap (d), and make the other eye (e). When you make the next bead, insert the first one onto the pin before making the second eye (see second picture).
Bead on until you reach desired length. For the tutorial necklace I made two strands. The first was smaller - I used 17 beads while the second had 20. Attach both onto the big rings. Those are for the closure.
The ribbon is 23 cm long. Double it and pass it through a single ring you've attached the strands of beads on the bottom part.
      Finishing up
On the other side of the ribbon attach the ribbon crimp. Because I didn't want the ribbon exposed / showing at the end, I added a decorative cap over it.
Attach the small ring with lobster clasp on it and you are done!
It is as easy as it sounds, isn't it? Have fun making this!

*** This tutorial was created by me for our baby The Little Treasures


Atelier Marie-Lucienne said...

Looks soooo easy - but it isn't easy at all. At least not to me. Seems I've got knots in my fingers right from the moment I even take the box of beads from the shelves. My fingers turn even too clumsy to keep the beads from rolling away and jumping to the ground (to Moneypenny's delight)...

Mia said...

Beautiful necklace, Maya! I like it very much! Thank you for the instructions, my friend.

Kim said...

Oh, how pretty! I am so going to fashion one of these lovely necklaces. Thank you, Maya, for the 'how-to'.