Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Gobelin Tapestries Inspired Clothing

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I have always been fascinated by gobelin tapestries for their ability to quietly, yet marvelously capture a moment in time and tell a captivating story. 

I am even more intrigued when I come to think how people had invented gobelin tapestries ages ago out of pure necessity to ward off the cold by hanging them onto stone walls and the path they trod to become valuable possessions of the aristocracy. 

So, from this point in time, they have had quite an interesting evolution. To save them from the tooth of time and oblivion, and instead of filling the landfills with these once precious textiles, people have started repurpusing them and the finished items are truly astonishing. 

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There is a seller on etsy called Stars Wear, who uses them to create the most unique jackets and skirts that really push me into the mood to go out to thrift shops and maybe salvage something interesting I could put my hands onto.


cristina said...

:)) I sew tens of gobelins, but only to hang them on the wall, not to wear them. I'm not sure I'd wear a skirt, maybe only a jacket. It is an immense work to sew it and it's not worthy. If it's done by machines, on the other hand, things change.

Maya Kuzman said...

That is true. My mom worked on a huge Wiehler gobelin off and on for several years. We couldn't believe it when it was finally done. They sure are stunning but require immense work, time and dedication. Not to mention good will. The gobelins in this post are all machine made and that is a completely different story. I would wear them both as skirts and jackets :)

handmade by amalia said...

Maya, these are amazing! It is funny, things that are were once the very definition of old are suddenly super cool.

Kim said...

Oh, I too must see what I can unearth from a thrift shop. Everyone should have the joy of wearing one of these re-imagined works of art.

Michelle Churchman said...

These are truly fabulous! Thanks for sharing with Creative Compulsions.