Monday, July 11, 2022

Traveling postcard - gift notions

My assigned person to whom I was to send forward the traveling postcard is a lady called Robyne, and these goodies are on their way to Australia. 
Robyne doesn't share a lot in our FB group, so I really had no idea what colors to choose for her notions, but I discovered that she likes crochet, so I added some crocheted flowers along with the sewing notions, a little birdie and a card. When summer comes, I am somehow attracted to blues, so most of the things are blue in my package (yes, I know it is winter in Australia). I added a couple of ribbons which I hope she will be able to use for her art journal. 
All these were packed into a turquoise organza bag that went into a decoupaged envelope, but I forgot to take picture of them. 

I sincerely hope these will bring joy and a smile on her face.

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