Monday, August 22, 2022

Azure Kiana Bracelet

Happy Monday! I have a new cuff/bracelet in the shop.
This is the Azure Kiana, and it was the prototype (if I can refer to it as such) I made, and then redesigned to make the peach/pink Kiana bracelet. The upper part of both is the same, but they differ in the bottom edging.

I beaded this differently as well and added an interesting mix of seed/ plastic beads, sequins and pearl discs. 
Can you tell I cannot leave my beads alone? :)


Sum of their Stories said...

Beautiful! The beading is a perfect extra touch too.
Prototype is exactly the right term for those first few experimental goes at something. My husband told me it was "product development" so I like to use that term too sometimes!!!

Divya said...

The beads add a lot of zing to the piece making it more of a partywear piece than your thread-only pieces. It looks great!

The Primitive Moon said...

Bardzo podobają mi sie takie ozdoby.

Maya Kuzman said...

I like your husband's term the best! Product development is just the perfect reference! 😊

Maya Kuzman said...

It is mind blowing how beads add a dramatically different effect. It takes tiresome hours of sewing them on, but it is really worth the effort.