Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We arrived in Palermo early in the morning to be greeted by the rise of the city and the pulsating life starting to get into a full swing. The streets of Palermo are incredible; swarming with people, cars and the inevitable motorbikes.

Quatro Canti

Every step you take here breaths with the air of history and heritage. I strained my neck looking up at the magnificent architecture of the buildings. I have always found charming the narrow cobbled-streets cornered by buildings with small balconies (and somewhere white sheets hung out to dry) and to see this in person was quite fulfilling.

There are numerous churches, chapels and religious monuments whose number is really staggering. And they all offer a glimpse into the religious lifestyle of the Palermans centuries ago. Not to mention their grandiose workmanship, the small significant details and the masterfully made icons and paintings inside.

Piazza Vigliena

Remarkable trademarks of every Sicilian (Italian) city are the numerous piazzas and fountains. And I shouldn’t forget the parks. They are the perfect place for a person to rest, sit and enjoy the street life going on.

The Palazzo Dei Normanni garden

During these two weeks I’ll share a piece of our little Sicilian adventure followed by a short story and lots of pictures. I hope this blog gets a bit of Sicilian flavor.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Oh Palermo, brings back many memories! goodness.

Maya Kuzman said...

Great to hear that KJ! There's more to come...