Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reanimated mittens

Last year, at the end of winter I bought my children 2-3 pairs of mittens for a bargain with a lovely Nordic pattern. They came in five different colors. For myself, I chose the white ones, although I was painfully aware that they do not fit me and that they are too small. Nevertheless, I bought them with the intention of re-doing them in any way.

So this is what I did. A simple how to on saving shrunk /shortened/ small mittens.

Take the pair of mittens ...

.. and cut the upper part and the thumb part.

With a sewing machine, sew an ordinary stitch to prevent the stitches to unravel.

Then with a crocheting needle (mine was #3 -1.7mm) single crochet the edge. I started crocheting just below the line I stitched by machine.
If you have plain mittens you may employ a more decorative or lace edging, but this was not appropriate for my mittens because of the pattern, so that's why I left it plain.

Do the same for the thumb part and you are done!
I don't think I 'll ever throw away my children's mittens.


Papgena Made It said...

that's cooooolllllllll!!!!

ByNightCreations said...

beautiful idea!
Thank you for sharing!
And you're right... that nordic pattern is lovely ;-)

PEACHES said...

Oooo great idea! And I just love all those Scandinavian style knits. This is another one I need to look into.

PS: I finally finished a seed necklace! Check it when you have a minute. Thanks for the inspiration!


Cucicucicoo said...

good idea! :) lisa

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Oh how do I love Nordic knits. This is a wonderful idea, thanks for posting this!

Ms Muffin said...

I love that idea!

Tamara said...

What a brilliant idea! Thanks :)

creativejewishmom/sara said...

Great idea Maya! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, great to see you! All the best, xoxoxo Sara