Friday, November 26, 2010

Shades of gray

Image courtesy of Abernathys

I was thrilled when Elizabeth Abernathy contacted me regarding the review of the Nuno Magazine. Knowing Elizabeth through her blog I knew that there was a phenomenal project in front of me and I was not wrong.
The two talented sisters Elizabeth and Rachel are the creative force behind the e-"Nuno Magazine". Their philosophy is the creation of your own clothing, accessories and home decor, by salvaging, modifying, recycling, altering and transforming things.

Image courtesy of Abernathys

The winter edition of this incredible well of fabulous ideas and inspiration revolves around the color grey. Gray has never been more attracting and inviting. Through all shades of gray you enter into a world of splendid and wondrous projects that offer a feel of delicate femininity, elegant simplicity yet marvelous down- to- earthiness. The step-by-step elaborate instructions are intelligible and clear, accompanied by fantastic photographs.

Image courtesy of Abernathys

Last but certainly not least. What warmed my heart is that share of the profit from this issue of the magazine benefits a goat bank in Uganda. Haven't heard of goat banks? Here's what the project is about: "Goat banks are elegantly simple. A family is loaned a goat. The family breeds the goat. The family returns the first born kid to the goat bank (after it is big enough, of course) which in turn provides another family with a start to their own little flock". Isn't this divine?

Image courtesy of Abernathys

You can buy and download the copy of the magazine here.The price is symbolic. It's only $5US and for the value you receive 125 ad-free pages of craft, sewing and knitting projects made from recycled and salvaged materials. And you also participate in a good and humane cause.


Papgena Made It said...

thanks for posting this. I bought the fall issue but I didn't know that the winter issue was released already!

Clara in Paradise said...

Very interesting, I'll take a look at it.