Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jellyfish necklace

Yesterday I got wonderful news of my deadline being prolonged and guess what I did.
I did everything my heart desired. Including embroidery. I worked late into the night and finished a couple of things - mostly fabric jewelry.

This is my favourite. A jellyfish pendant.

These days expect a lot more sea creatures turning into wearables.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Stunning Maya, I am glad you had a moment to yourself. All those French knots, so perfectly done. I can't wait to see what else you have been up to. Any seahorses? I am really into seahorses right now!

Little Treasures said...

How did you know KJ!!!
Me too!
One lovely seahorse coming up!

Papgena Made It said...

oh I just love when that happens, being able to relax a bit because a deadline is not just there! UF!
your jellyfish is very beautiful, and a seahorse is coming? Can't wait!!!

Het Kabinet said...

I love your embroidery! Can't wait for the rest of your sea creatures...
And thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

by night said...

Time to craft! What a good thing that deadline was postponed!
That pendant is amazing! I am totally impressed with the embroideryt