Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reversable wrap

When I saw Lia's fabulous reversible cape I knew I had to make one.

This cute thing offers so many versatile looks and is so easy to make it - it is incredible!
Must admit that I had trouble choosing the fabric (Lia's is to die for) because I had nothing good to match, so eventually I chose linen to pair it with soft and patterned cotton. For the buttons I chose to cover them with the flower(y) fabric.

I made mine a bit longer than Lia's and not so wide. But if I make another one, I will certainly make it shorter and wider. And with more expressive fabric, mind you!

I played with it, wrapped it around, combined buttoning it in different ways, and I love how I could gain so much with so little. From all the looks I was seduced by the "cropped jacket" look and the "waist coat" look!
Thank you
Lia for this wonderful pattern!

Update: You should visit my friend's Nat post and see her wrap. It is absolutely gorgeous! And I was right! She used a stunning piece of fabric.


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

You have convinced me that I absolutely must make one of these. It takes every outfit up a notch.

Anonymous said...

Love your fabric!

ByNightCreations said...

wow you've made it already! I am jealous! I am crazy about it! And it's on my sewing list since I saw it... Same problem here though... to pick to perfect fabric. I agree that Lia's is just to die for. And actually, yours is too!
I wish you and the ones you love a very Merry Xmas! Ours will be all white as we now have 50cm of snow. I don't think I ever saw so muw in Belgium before ;-)

Ophelia.K said...

This is lovely and definitely versatile! I wanna give it a shot.
Thank you so much for the information about sage. I only have used for cooking, but now I will make a tea;)
In each country, they have a different thing to take I learned, but all of them should work well for anyone;)

Thanks a lot!

Citra said...

Wow !! you did it !! And yours is so fabulous
I also hard to choose the right fabric here, too many choices
I haven't decided it yet :(
Afterall, the cape will be my resolution in 2011

Cucicucicoo said...

oh i love this and it's so versatile! i went to see both your friend's and the original post, and it's such a great idea. i definitely need to try it once my munchkin starts taking naps and letting me get a bit of sewing done! :) lisa