Tuesday, January 4, 2011


What does one do when after an unbelievably lightly attempt at outsmarting the sewing machine one gets to break it!

Well that one happily jumps into other crafty adventures.
Now I have an excuse to devote myself to the pursuit of crochet patterns and crochet jewelry.

I started crocheting flowers - roses to be exact, but still work on the design.
Hopefully, I might make something nice.

P.S As for the sewing machine, I accidentally pulled at the needle and thread tension assembly and it...uhm... disassembled. My husband put it together for me (he has the brains for such technical stuff) but the tension is the same whatever I do, so we guess some of the plates are in the wrong order. I hope he can repair it soon because I've got tons of sewing ideas!


Papgena Made It said...

Good luck with the machine!
And I look foward to see your roses! (your yarn looks so yummy!!!)

Sus said...

Hello, and Happy New Year! I hope your machine gets fixed quickly! I love new flower patterns -- I will check back and see what you come up with!

ByNightCreations said...

If this happened to me, I think I'd scream so loud you could hear me all the way from over there... Good luck with your machine! I hope you can solve the problem!
As for the crochet flowers, I can't wait to see how the patterns evolves!

Susannah said...

These crocheted flowers are gorgeous..sucks about your sewing machine, though! I just started crocheting last month and I've noticed several bloggers are taking it up...must be in the air!