Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yarn treasures

My mother used to treasure keepsakes. They were most often clothes. Clothes me and my sister wore as babies or toddlers. Clothes that have emotional and sentimental value. A dress, a cape, lace socks, blankets. Things like that. And not many of them, but several, carefully selected pieces that are truly worth treasuring. Things that were created with love and affection.

Hiding in a wooden box I dug out these two lovely things.
A knit dress in a pale shade of dusky rose. It is created by my grandma's hands according to her design. The upper part has a lace resembling bodice while the lower part is made in a gorgeous pattern I still didn't decipher.

Well, that woman had magic in her hands and made wondrous things whether it was the crafts, the food or the home. I am amazed at the tiny stitches and the compactness of the dress after all these years. One thing is for sure - I am not letting it go.

Then there is this amazing cape.

She had made this combining a soft white yarn with silk floss / thread, thus the cape obtains a fabulous effect and is really remarkable. I am proud to say that when Eva was a baby she wore the cape a lot and we received many compliments on the craftsmanship. There is a blanket in the same pattern and yarn to match the cape, but I don't really remember where I have stored that.

Anyway, this is the week when I am airing and washing all keepsakes so there would be more of these treasures coming up in future posts.


Sus said...

These are so beautiful! Your grandmother was truly talented. I look forward to seeing more of your treasures!

Elizabeth said...

It's wonderful that your mother saved those things for you. They are just beautiful!

Audrey said...

What beautiful and masterful talent your Grandmother had! My Grandmother made many smocked dresses for me and my sister when we were little. Sadly, I don't have a one, but she also did lovely needle tatting and I am blessed to have a gorgeous table cloth she made about 60 years ago.
I have stashed away a few keepsakes from when my son was a baby. I have to hide them from hubby because he keeps trying to put them in the donation box. Why don't men get that?


Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you ladies!!
Audrey: I don't think that men will ever get that (they are really from Mars!!!). My husband has given me the eye-roll but he kept it at that because he knows that mentioning the donation army would be too close to the edge of the abyss so he keeps quiet. Wise man my husband is :)
Just the other day clearing old stuff of my mom's he found some fabric and offered it to me saying that I might make something with it. I almost had a heart attack!!

Papgena Made It said...

Those are treasures indeed!! So, so beautiful! Now we know where do you get your talent!
I wouldn't have courage to give them away either!! In fact, I have some of my baby's clothes and blankets and my daughter also use them. I think those kind of things tell a family's story, they can't be give away!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Wonderful post Maya. These creations are beautiful and timeless and a reminder why we make things.
{I am a little sad right now - I wish the frocks my gran made me and my sister were saved in a little wooden box.}

Maya Kuzman said...

Papgena: That is well said!They really tell a story of the time past!
KJ: Sorry to hear that. On the other hand you can save your girls' clothes and make some treasures for them when they grow up!

Kendra said...

What special little treasures! They are so beautiful! I wish I had a few little treasures to give to my daughter someday!

Audrey said...

Yes, they are indeed from Mars...
got to love that man of yours! I love mine dearly but sometimes my crafty stuff, books, pictures, family heirlooms (clutter) really get to him. There are days when I think he'd be happy if I'd give it all away. I am not quite a candidate for that hoarders show yet thankfully but I am trying to pare down a bit. Especially after reading a post on another blog that talks about the tragedy of having their house burn down right before Christmas.. you can read about it here and here
if you're interested.