Saturday, February 26, 2011

Name that color if you dare!


Have you had the trouble of explaining someone the exact hue of color you need?
I am good with colors, hues and shades and even tones. You didn't know there was a difference? It seems there is according to this

I have always been proud of my ability (or gift) to find just the right hue or shade of color I need. I never go shopping for buttons carrying a piece of the fabric I need the buttons for because I always know the exact hue! 


But how could you name a color for visualization through the Internet when colors vary from monitor to monitor? And I didn't know but the palette of colors on the Internet is called HTML colors.

Also, according to Wiki, color naming
is fuzzy and arbitrary, and varies among people and cultures, with no single swatch adequately representing any particular color name. Computer displays have a somewhat limited gamut, so many colorful pigment cannot be represented on a screen at all and computer simulation of the natural world is, at best, a rough approximation.
There is also a list of colors offered here and here.


So when I listed these crochet hearts in my shop, I offered the above list (first picture).
What do you say? Did I name them accurately?

During my research of names of colors I found some names I heard for the first time and sometimes I couldn't associate the name with the color. Check the offered links for immense fun!
Also I looove this color related post by Aunt Peaches. It's incredible!!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Absolutely love this !!!!! We are so into rainbows over in these parts. This is absolutely beautiful Maya and thanks for all those links. I will check it out. I recently purchased some wool felt which looked perfect on the screen, but when I received it was very greyish and not what I needed.

Little Treasures said...

That is the main problem with colors on the Internet KJ! These pictures are one hue on my computer and slightly different on the lap top! I am thrilled that you like the little hearts!!

Sus said...

I love the little hearts, too! Also, I have to commend you on your use of Cordovan -- my family had a clothing and footwear business, and that was always my favorite color of shoe polish that we sold. None of my friends growing up knew what color it was and it seems to have fallen out of favor as a color name altogether. Thanks for keeping it alive!! :)

Little Treasures said...

I am so glad I used it Sus!!

Carol said...

I'll be checking out those links. You are so right about color changing from monitor to monitor. Colors always look different at work, but then, that is a much better computer than I have at home.

I love these little hearts. A nice selection of colors. But you MUST have a Honeysuckle one. Its the color of the year you know.

I just searched Rit Dye for their recipe and it is equal parts Cherry Red and Fushia. As soon as it warms up a bit . . well Honeysuckle here I come!

Little Treasures said...

Oh Carol, honeysuckle is such a lovely color but they didn't have more of it at the shop.
Must switch to another brand ;)

Jensamom23 said...

This is a wonderful idea! Love it.

AllieMakes! said...

Very sweet! I would call the pink-orange one: Peach Souffle. And maybe the Cordovan: Mauve... But they would be good as is :)
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Sconch Textiles said...

I am very jealous that you are able to go shopping without fabric swatches to aid you! I have just emailed a customer photos of some fabrics - she had requested I do this so she could choose what her phone case would look like - but I worry even more now, after reading your blog post, that when she chooses she will be disappointed as the colour on her screen will not match the real life item!

Sandra said...

OMG, this is something I really needed! Really like 150% really! THANKS!
Because I love all kind of coloures - coloures are something the best in this world ... but I am total (with capital T) idiot when it comes to naming it!!!!!!!
Whole new world is opened in front of my eyes with this post!!!!!!!!!

By the Bluegrass said...

I love color information too! I'd say your right on with what I think of when I hear the names of most of these colors. There were only a few that I think of as looking differently when I hear the names....I think of 'champagne' as being more gold. On my computer your sample came across as more of a light grey. And your 'camel' looks like a true grey on my monitor, where as I think of camel as being more beige like. And the 'pink orange', I'd call peach.
But, all of the others seemed right on to me! Very neat project. When I took a painting class in college we had to make a color chart coming up with 100 colors using only primary colors and black and white. It was tough, but fun.