Sunday, February 6, 2011

Warning letter

Yesterday my husband received a warning letter from my sewing machine.

It read like this:

Dear Master,
It breaks my heart to tell you this but I am considering retirement in the near future.
The reason for this is your neglect of my existence. It hurts my needles to tell you how hard it is for me to be set aside in isolation, not cared for, deprived of all the sewing joys for the past couple of months. I cannot describe the feeling of despair not being able to run my feet over all that new fabulous fabric my Mistress has brought home.
All this due to your lack of interest and will to aid a suffering domestic contributor. My ailments are not incurable. As a matter of fact this regards only a mild condition of regulating plates being in a wrong order. It would take only a slice of your valuable time to put yet another effort and I believe I will be fine.
I know for sure that my Mistress is at the verge of her patience and I am afraid her claiming to buy one of those new Singer machines she has been eyeing for quite a while now is not just an empty threat! So in order to save your wallet and my life, I beg you, please HELP ME!
You know where you can find me. I shall be patiently waiting for you!
Yours truly,
The almost abandoned sewing machine 
I might just add that I too am expecting your answer my dear husband!


Sus said...

Hee hee! You are too funny! I am very interested to know what the response is!

Maya Kuzman said...

Me too, Sus!
Me too....

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hmmm...I wonder if a hungry tummy could persuade him food for the adjustment would be a worthy trade...

Unknown said...

I think you must have a very handy husband if he can fix your sewing machine! Lucky you! But I feel for your sad little sewing machine too... Why have you neglected it so... poor little thing... :)

Papgena Made It said...

That's hilarious!!!
I'm sure your husband will atend such polyte machine!
I must keep this in mind for future use with my husband!! ;)

Emer said...

I hope he will do the right thing when he reads this awesome letter.

harmony and rosie said...

Has he sorted it yet?

Kate x

PS - thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today. I hope you get your sewing machine working again soon!!!

ByNightCreations said...

did it work?
because I am sure we all want to see some of the new fabrics you talk about in the letter ;-)