Monday, April 4, 2011

Batman and the Queen of Hearts

This is the second part of the costumes I made for the April's Fool.
Jacob wished to be the Batman, and I, pledging to live a handmade life, instead of saving my sanity and buying a costume as any other normal person would do, I went to the fabric shops to pick jersey for the bat and sew it myself.

His costume is not the original of the Batman costume and it consists of a blouse, pants a cloak and the mask. We didn't have a belt because he didn't want one. Someone said Batman had tights but I wanted Jacob to feel comfortable so I made him trousers by copying the pattern of one of his older pants. For the blouse I used an Ottobre pattern. I designed the mask myself (as it can be seen) and as it always happens with time I ended up hand sewing the ears at 4 in the morning only to be told a couple of hours later that the little Mister feels awful with the mask on and he would rather not wear it!! However he put it on for the photo (willingly).
All in all I loved making the costume because Jacob loves wearing his costumes when he plays with his toys and that compensates for all made efforts.

This year my Principal asked us the teachers to participate and wear costumes ourselves. I (being a great fan of costume parties but still lacking time to prepare myself and get a more professional costume) decided to use a part of Eva's last year costume - The Queen of Hearts. I made a boat-neck blouse using a Burda pattern, snipped the lower part of the dress, hand sewed cards on it, made an obi belt and hastily sewed the edges of a rectangle piece which was to serve as a cloak. Painted a heart on the mouth and I also had a heart birthmark on one of my cheeks. There was a heart shaped ring but no crown to save my life.

You should have seen the faces of my students - precious! Jaws dropping and air gasping- it was hilarious! The teachers also competed and I won the appropriate award - a tea cup set!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Congratulations on winning a tea set!!! perfect. Jacob's costume turned out so well - very ingenious mask. Little guys make such great super heros. I really like your April Fools tradition, so much fun.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

How fun!! Both costumes are great. I love dress up and looked for any occasion to make costumes as my daughter grew up. Now, as an adult, she has the same love and though she doesn't sew, she made the most amazing costumes for the boys and herself as they grew up.

Perhaps you are starting a tradition!!

Unknown said...

Sweet Batman costume... I mean, very handsome and rugged Batman costume! And your Queen of Hearts costume is lovely too. My favourite part is the lips! How much fun you all had!

Papgena Made It said...

Oh my so much work! But everything turned out great! You look amazing! A queen of hearts for sure, congratulations! And your little boy is having such fun! I love the pictures, we can tell he is enjoying himself!
That's a fun tradition for the april fool's day!

Sus said...

Great costumes! And how appropriate that you won a tea set!! It was well-earned! :)

Unknown said...

Oh Maya I love your costumes! And how nice for you to have won the tea set, goes well together with the Queen of Hearts, of course!

Cucicucicoo said...

oh that is so funny, like any "normal person"! i find myself saying that a lot, too! you did a great job! :) lisa