Saturday, April 9, 2011


With a soft and gentle rustle, the new Nuno Magazine reveals the essence and the heartbeat of the spring: fresh, joyful and inspiring ideas that spring to life through Nuno philosophy:

Isn't it fantastic?! This enchanting issue offers a great variety of activities to embellish and spice up your home and your wardrobe. Enrich your spring with lovely crochet roses, paper butterflies and bunnies.

Indulge in making paper flowers and birds, bead your own jewelery, paint your blouse and the end result will make you breathless with excitement. And that is only the beginning.

I am glad that this issue also continues the tradition of setting up a great cause as its main objective, since a portion of the fee is given to a Tunisian family in the poverty-stricken mountainous region.

The issue can be bought here.
Thank you Elizabeth on the lovely opportunity and keep up the good work!


KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I am two clicks away. Those roses are beautiful and well butterflies, that set me over.

Unknown said...

i've just started following Elizabeth's work and her magazine. it's right up my alley! cool that you have reviewed it here. Thanks Maya!

Sylvia N. said...

Wow! I have missed a lot of great ideas since I last visited! I love the cutwork you have been doing! I could see that work on one of those models from the fashion site. You truly do have the eye for little treasures!