Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My son - the Artist

I encourage my children to express themselves through drawing. Sometimes they take that for granted and I find myself looking transfixed at prehistoric art on my bedroom door or on the walls around the house. Nevertheless, when the teachers give them back drawing blocks at the end of the year I cannot wait to see what they have been drawing.

This year was not as prolific as I was expecting from my son in terms of tide and weight of feelings and ideas, and many of them are not finished. I hope he didn't have an artistic block ;)

Here are some I selected and I also offer disambiguation of the drawings:

"Our family and the unknown guy"

My favorite! As the title suggests this is our family. You read the captions so you see there is an unknown ...hm ... child/guy/person there. I look a lot like Morticia Addams, don't you think? And black. I hate wearing black and rarely do, to be honest so this is quite puzzling. I must say I love our ears - they make us better listeners! Then there's Dad: he is tall (in reality) but it's the legs that go all the way from his head to his toes that give the man some character!
When I asked why is his sister sad he said it just wasn't her day!!
Those round things next to our heads with little lines are actually our hands. Sorry about that! Upon a more detailed description I required, he told me my mistake!

This is a camel and the tent belongs to the camel's master.

This is also a favorite. It is the red dinosaur. My son is crazy about ancient and contemporary creatures (real and imaginary) and animals, including aliens. That says it all.

Jacob and his friends at the park (although they look like aliens to me or Mr. Potato's kids!).

A day out. That's a river coming down from the mountain.

Autumn. I like the combination of colors in this one.
And that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed grandmas!


Michele Pacey said...

Your little boy's drawings are sweet. And yes, you do bear an uncanny resemblance to Morticia Addams in the family picture. :)

I like the tent with its little circle details and the red dino. It would seem that creativity is in the genes.

Regina (Farfala) said...

Hi!! Yes, your son is an artist. I like the colours he used in some of the pictures, but my favourite is the one of your family, with the unknown guy... :)
¡Lovely pictures!

by night said...

I love those! your son is an artist! I love how expressive they are

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

What a wonderful book! It must be so exciting and fun to go through the book to see what he has been up to on his own. Can't wait to experience this!

Ira said...

Don't you just love children's drawings!! I bet your son was so enthusiastic in showing his wonderful creations to you! Can imagine his little face looking up at you full of pride!

cucicucicoo said...

not only grandmas enjoyed this...i loved it! i just love seeing what my daughter brings back home at the end of the year, too! it's so fascinating to see what they produce when we moms aren't there watching over them! :) lisa

janul said...

This is gorgeous! I love these drawings so much :). So funny. I cannot wait for my daughter to draw like this :)