Friday, May 13, 2011


Hello again!
Well... Blogger has been acting Gibberish-ly for a while now and they didn't put the missing posts from yesterday back (although they promised), so here is mine in a slightly altered version.

After having a brain draining and body exhausting activities I am back in a slack mood.
However, I hope the operating mode shall completely change during the weekend, so I bid thee farewell my dear friends.

Here is something for your eyes and soul... A treasury I made to celebrate spring ... and it actually got on the front page of etsy. Enjoy!


Michele Pacey said...

lovely eye candy Maya thanks!

magdamagda said...

so much diversity and colour, no wonder it was FP! congrats!:)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Beautiful. I sent the link to the shop with the shawl to a few of my friends, it's right up my alley as well nearly everything else in your treasury.

Regina (Farfala) said...

Lovely stuff!! Have a nice monday.

Ira said...

Awesome projects, totally cool! I think blogger is still acting gibberish, my list of followers is now missing, better start looking for that search light, LOL!

designfuersheim said...

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