Friday, June 29, 2012

A random post to break the spell

Maybe you are perplexed with the title so here's the explanation.

I love blogging. But blogging with a purpose. I don't post at all costs. Sometimes it happens I have posts all throughout the week, sometimes there are small/big gaps between them {time/life permitting}. However. If you scroll down the right bar to my blog post archive, you'll notice that in the past 6 months I had written a total of 11 posts per month (with the exception of January with 10 posts)- Wait - don't go there to check this - just take my word for it :)

Well, I find it curious that even most of my posts per months in 2011 {and 2010 for that matter} equal 11. I felt like trying to find the lowest common denominator. Now, I am neither a fanatic nor superstitious and I am writing this post to "break the spell of 11" just from entertaining purposes. Sometimes I like to wander off the right track, you know :)

So for this post I've taken out an embroidered piece (above) I compulsively made after making this cutie. It is unfinished because I lost the concept for it - wanted to make a brooch at first then added a second layer and it lost its attractiveness and I lost the idea and the imagination to continue so I set it aside to wait for better times.

Then I want to show you the embroidery of this dress I made when Eva was a baby. This was my first take on embroidering a dress and I still remember enjoying making every little stitch. Not an elaborate embroidery but effective I believe. Especially the one at the hem.

So there you go Number 11!


harmony and rosie said...

So pleased you managed to break the spell Maya and I just love the embroidered dress. So cute.
Loving the china necklace in your previous post too
Happy weekend to you xx

Unknown said...

What a great post this is Maya, how funny you should post roughly 11 posts each month. I'm very much into statistics myself and so this can't be a coincidence, or maybe it's just your life's rhythm ;-) Anyhow, it's always see a new post, regular or irregular. Love your stitches, that hem is gorgeous!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Glad to see you break the spell. Everything you create is absolutely beautiful. From embroidery to crochet. The china necklace in your previous post is gorgeous.

Blogging for me is like a connection to the big wide world. Very inspiring. And has opened my eyes to all that is around me.

Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

Anonymous said...

I've been subscribing to your blog for a while now. I enjoy seeing the things you make. :)

I have a daughter named Eva, too! Mine is named for her father's grandmother whom I was privileged to know during the last two decades of her (long) life! My Eva is 31 years old, married, has an MS in computer programming and lives in WI.

:) Linda

ruby said...

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K @ Aurora Blythe said...

How sweet! Love your stitching. And enjoyed your story of the number 11 ;-)

Unknown said...

Oh YES! Take that number 11! I would say the spell is effectively broken now. Way to take control Maya!

By the way I love the embroidery on that little dress. So simple yet so pretty too.