Saturday, February 16, 2013

Boy's crocheted scarf

I've been focusing on children's  accessories for a while - although I have mentioned time and again, and it has been my years' long wish to be involved in making children's clothing and accessories - I am happy to say that the persisting idea is gradually coming to life.

For my new shop Crochetella (a quite predictable and hardly ingenious name for a shop, but the simplicity of its generic name - if I may venture to use the term - describes what's cooking in the shop) I made this boy's scarf in a lovely and soft, multicolored yarn employing an attractive stitch.
When I saw the yarn, which is by the way a mix of acrylic and wool, I couldn't resist its gradual change of colors from the deepest blue / navy blue to a kind of brown/terracotta and end in soft beige.

If you are interested in the pattern for the same, it is almost ready. 
With this, I say goodbye and wish you a lovely weekend! 

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Divya said...

Its looks beautiful...your post thumbnail looked like it was sequinned scarf and I was confused after reading the heading.I understand now that The gradation of colors had given that shimmer effect

Unknown said...

That looks so cool! Especially for a boy, your design is beautiful Maya.

Katrine said...

Very nice! I like the colors. I found you from Made by Monday.

Unknown said...

that yarn is SO cool. Perfect for a boy isn't it?

Anonymous said...

love it, and such a surprise to see a BOY! thanks for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

Shannon Barefoot said...

Love the yarn!