Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chunky orange cowl and a vintage skirt

 A lot of cowls and scarves (and boot cuffs for that matter) were in production in our household and it was quite a motley scene seeing  all the yarn gathered together on the work bench in an array of cheerful colors - because - we hardly dwell and work with  dull colors - honestly speaking. 

For the cowls I used an acrylic yarn from a local producer and although I am most into working and wearing 100% pure wool, such is so hard to find and often rudely expensive. 

I love the stitch in this cowl and the chunkiness along with the color makes it really adorable. I've paired it with Eva's new skirt - which is a kind of retro, or should I say vintage - and it almost brought tears to my eyes {almost} when she spotted it and gasped and I thought she is going to think it's old and ugly, but she exclaimed that it's the one for her.  I guess she's her mama's girl! 

And of course! A little goofing around during the photo shoot- otherwise - it just wouldn't be us :)

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Unknown said...

I adore everything about that outfit, the colours, the cowl, the skirt, the model of course. They are ALL very very pretty!

Way Out Wear said...

Love the cowl, love the colour, love the skirt and love your beautiful daughter - you hit this one right out of the park!
Thanks for the inspiration!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Lovely outfit!!! that cowl and skirt is wonderful, such a beautiful and fun photoshoot. I believe someone is celebrating a birthday tomorrow! Best wishes!
PS My best friend made me a chunky cowl (that gaptastic cowl pattern that is on ravelry) for Christmas and I love it and I am inspired to pick up the knitting needles again.

ByNightCreations said...

What a lovely outfit! I looove that skirt ;-)
Eva is getting prettier every day!

Unknown said...

How cute and lucky you to have such a cute model!!

Unknown said...

Wow, that cowl goes extremely well with Eva's pretty skirt, it looks so versatile, too, fabulously made Maya!

Vanessa said...

Hi, Maya

I just love this cowl. The color is beautiful. Lovely!