Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My newest supplies

Lost in the sokaks of the bazaar, it is excruciatingly hard not to buy anything - at least it was for me. But my husband, as supportive as he always is, urged me to stock up on my supplies, but I was reasonable, trying not to lose my head, being aware that we are traveling with friends and didn't want to discommode our traveling arrangements. Above is some of the yarn I bought.

I couldn't pass by this amazingly soft YarnArt yarn and took some for my scarves. The orange is finished and I am to show it soon.


These are 100% wool. I went nuts when I saw it. Plan to buy a ton next time we get back.

This is kid mohair yarn. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but it has an amazing, spiderweb quality. Unfortunately, this was the only color available. 

 These little cuties came in all possible colors and in an unusual weight skeins. About 30 grams. It is pure cotton and I was  intrigued by the weaving of the threads.

 Lovely mixed fiber yarn - on sale and only in "dirty" white. 

Pure wool felt. Almost drooled upon seeing it :)

Some of the metal supplies I treated myself to.
I can't wait to put all these into good use!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful treasures, you will make new treasures with all the yarn and lovely thingies:) Very well chosen colours!

Divya N said...

what yummy supplies, really like the mohair wool and the kurta charm pendant. Cant wait to see what you create with them