Friday, October 11, 2013

We are in Istanbul!

 I may say that this trip was planned for months now and it is a dream come true for both of us. It coincided with our 14th anniversary and that really made it special, although at first we planned this to be a purely business trip. Isn't it exciting when you combine both? 

Today, being our first day, we decided  to go to the hub of all business, right into the throbbing  heart of Istanbul - The Kapalı Çarşi.To be honest we mostly dwelt on the streets around it, however one's experience will not be full if you don't visit this place. 

Our hotel was about 20 minutes' walk away from it, so we took a stroll in order to better get the rhythm of the city. On our way to the Bazaar, we couldn't help ourselves but stop every few steps to marvel at the mesmerizing shops. 


The entrance of the bazaar. Or the entrance into a fairy tale would be more appropriate because here you can find all sorts of enchanting things.

The girl in me fell in love with these tin boxes.Inside they treasure wonderfully smelling soaps. 

Another thing I cannot resist is the pottery - there were a ton of wonderful, colorful plates and pots and of all sorts and of course - tiles which  are little masterpieces of their own.

The hotel internet was very good, but uploading the pictures took  loads of time, so when I get back home I will upload many more on my flickr account. To be continued tomorrow:)


Divya N said...

The boxes and pottery look is on my 'must travel to' list and I hope to go there one day

Ira Huberts said...

Oh, Istanbul is such a magical place! (but then again most of Turkey is!) Those trips are the best, to mix business with pleasure! Love your photos Maya!
Ira’s Crea Corner

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I have only been to the coast (Maramis), one day I hope to visit Istanbul, the colour from your photos is marvellous. I look forward to seeing more. Safe travels!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Yes, one can find many wonderful and colorful items in Istanbul. I hope you walked away with a few. :) Best wishes, Tammy